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1970 Porsche 911 RSR Tribute: Pure And Simple - Petrolicious

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Learn more about Drive Tastefully Quarterly, and other features of Petrolicious Membership here: From its humble beginnings, this 1970 911 enjoyed a varied life, most notably as a rather tasty ‘73 RS replica. It was running well, and beating most-everything off the line around the New-South Wales area of Australia, right up until the 3.0 SC engine gave up with an expensive bang. However, what arose from the ashes of that fateful incident was this, its final, most alluring, potent, primal form: a 3.8-liter (yes, 3.8!) RSR tribute car. More films, articles, and photos: Become a Member for premium films, Drive Tastefully Quarterly, and more: The best automotive gear and goods: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Always Drive Tastefully®

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