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Birth of the Pontiac GTO

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As DeLorean and his engineers readied their new models for 1964, the corporation, once again issued a stern edict banning racing. They also set guidelines to keep Pontiac from manufacturing cars with overly large engines that racers might use. DeLorean's team decided to counteract this racing ban with a powerful new option. They dropped a 389 cubic inch engine into the 33-hundred pound Lemans. Sixty more cubic inches than GM's new rules allowed. They bypassed GM's oversight committees by using existing parts and keeping the project low key. They snuck the new car out-- the GTO, into the marketplace in 1964 with a brief mention, in an ad that covered Pontiac's complete line up. But the dealers were paying attention and they immediately placed orders for 5000 GTO's. GM also noticed. AU Firebird

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