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David Campo | Nezumi Studios

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After years of designing for fashion heavyweights H&M and Carlings to name few, Stockholm-based designer David Campo has created an outlet for his ideas that were a bit more specialized, in the form of Nezumi Studios. Starting off in 2011 with Denim and other accessories, David has recently turned focus on another passion of his, designing Watches. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015, he released his first watch, the Voiture. With a number of new designs developed an in the pipeline, all watches are designed from the ground up and the only catalogue part is the movement, which is made by Seiko. With strong Porsche influence, David decided to extend his passion for design to a bronze badge for the back of his car, a 1982 911SC with Nezumi livery. With friends showing interest in the badge, David decided to start a classic Porsche club around the badge called Roughneck Brigade. Follow David and Team Nezumi along at: Subscribe to Nezumi Studios Youtube Channel: For more about Roughneck Brigade check: PRAEMIO | #RISKANDREWARD | Desktop Gallery & BTS Photos: • Directed By Jeremy Heslup | • Produced By Nima Karamati | Music via DeWolfe Filmed in 4K with Canon 1DX MK2 & DJI Osmo & Mavic Pro in the Sweden Created By © Valkyr Productions LLC | |

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