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街道レーサー | Skyline Kaido Racer | Fuel Tank Feature 11

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街道レーサー | Skyline Kaido Racer Subscribe to Fuel Tank TV: — My name is Souki, I’m currently living in Shibuya. This is a n ‘80s Japanese spec Skyline. I started working on the car 2-3 years ago, progressing little by little. I always liked Skylines since I was a child, so I am happy to be able to own this car. I dreamed of this car when I was little. I also like lowriders. With this car, I created my own by implementing the style that I like but also implementing western style elements such as candy and flaked paint. The reason why I chose this model is that this has always been my favorite Skyline since my childhood. The engine is original. The only modifications are a Solex carburetter and Takoashi exhaust manifold. I want to refine it and tune it up from now on, as it is too slow and I cannot keep up with others... I get inspiration from old magazines, but I try to incorporate current trends. I have been interested in lowriders for a long time, so I like to incorporate those elements. I also like America and the American styles. I am hoping to create my work to get attention from overseas as well. The area that I was most particular about was the color of the paint. The candy was re-painted many times to produce this orange colour. This style of old vehicle tends to have a body with layers of unevenness, so I rubbed and polished the surfaces until they became flat and shining... like a lowrider! The wheels were fully polished. The rear wing was made without showing any visible bolts. For the front of the car, I reconditioned the chrome on grille and light bezels, to refine them thoroughly. The only thing remaining is the interior, I haven’t touched it as yet. So, I am going to work on it from now on to improve it. Subscribe to Fuel Tank TV: Connect with Fuel Tank: Web: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

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