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Iso Grifo 90, back to the future - S1E8 - The Iso Rivolta Chronicles [ENG Sub]

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Subscribe NOW to An Italian Garage - Help us fund SEASON TWO - Official Site - Facebook - - - ISO GRIFO 90, BACK TO THE FUTURE In the late 80s, Piero Rivolta thought the time was right to introduce the brand back into the market with a new GT. Designed by Gandini and engineered by Dallara, the prototype was presented to the press in 1991 and it was meant to be produced in a limited series starting from 1994. Unfortunately, the enterprise stopped and the car hasn't seen the light until 2010, when Mako Shark decided to produce it. - - CREDITS Producers - Edoardo Vojvoda, Edoardo Pedrotti Director - Edoardo Vojvoda Dir. of Photography - Alessandro Venier Sound Recordist - Riccardo Vojvoda Aerial Shots - Claudio Zavagno, Andrea Tomio 1st Assistant - Filippo Bortolon 2nd Assistant - Andrea Rosasco 3rd Assistant - Paolo Giacomelli Rentals - Re-Movie s.a.s. Editor - Edoardo Vojvoda Colorist - Edoardo Vojvoda Sound Design - Riccardo Vojvoda Backstage Editor - Alexander Edwards Original Score - Stefano Salmaso, Riccardo Vojvoda, Alessandro Parisi, Roberto Dazzan Performed by Vise & the Coconuts Recorded at Atracoustic Studio Mixed & Mastered by Riccardo Vojvoda Graphics - Christian Babuin Poster - Elisa Vendramin Photography - Alessandro Venier AIG Logo - Christian Babuin 3D Model - Michele Daneluzzo 3D Printing - LoudLab S.n.c. 3D Overlay - Fabio Pignatin Model Coloring - Mirko Cal English Translation - Nilla Pestrin French Translation - Meriem Soraya Djemoui Russian Translation - Andrey Shuldeshov (Grumbling Pistons) Lighting by Lupo --- We wish to thank: Comune di Bresso Comune di Pordenone Iso Restorations Iso Millennium The Bonomelli Family Axel Gottschalk Adam Bolcs Manuel Bordini Nilla Pestrin Grumbling Pistons Axel E. Catton

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