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Unveiled – The BMW Concept Z4 Roadster

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It was just 3 days ago that BMW unveiled the all-new Concept Z4, a continuation of the brand's renowned roadster. The teasers that surfaced piqued our interest, and the press images had us craving more. Seeing it in person was an experience all its own, with the lines, shape, and size taking form in 3 dimensions. We pray it varies little in production form, as it's easily the most excited we've been about a BMW concept since the initial Concept M4 we unveiled a few years ago.

The car's design language is clearly from the minds and pens at BMW, although it brings a slew of new elements to the table. Most notably, the headlamp design, while internally structured to retain the same design elements as the rest of the lineup, is a radical departure from the norm. They're the most "vertical" lights we've seen from the marque if memory serves me correctly, but it's a striking design, and wholly welcomed here at StanceWorks. The kidney grilles keep things grounded though - presenting a wide mouth perched over a bumper that is clearly meant to intake as much air as possible. As the car we believe will share a platform with Toyota's new Supra, we have high hopes that this car will lead to some seriously high-performing variants. Perhaps my favorite styling cue of all is the hood venting - similar to what was seen on both the Concept CSL and the Concept 2002 Turbo. Perhaps this is how that bit of styling will make its debut in production form.

The tail of the car brings in design elements from a few cars in the BMW lineup, as well as a few of the concepts we've seen in recent years. We hope the unique shapes and lights will make it to the production version, as it's a rear end that can't be mistaken for anything else. Taking a step back from the car though - it's the side profile that truly shines, establishing the car's presence and demeanor. The chiseled bodylines are clear descendants from the previous Z4s, and the overall profile is truly incredible. The roadster/speedster vibe is perhaps one of my favorite executions in the "genre," balancing aggression with elegance to perfection.

Inside the car, things look very finished, much like a production car. Things like the dash and console look incredible, and very sleek. I can only hope the steering wheel sees production. What likely won't see production is the two-tone upholstery. The black leather and pumpkin suede zig and zag throughout the interior, which was wild to say the least. Part of me hopes we see this as an option - unique interiors were part of what gave the original Z3 its charm.

As always, the car shines when it comes to the detail work - the Concept Z4 is a fully-hashed out concept. Even the wheels, often garish on today's concept cars, look right at home and production-ready, if not for a high-level trim model. The kidneys have lost their vertical slats in favor of something more modern, but we welcome that too. And the mirrors? Incredible.


Where words fall short, we offer pictures, as there's only so much we can say. Simply put, we're in love with BMW's Concept Z4. Save one (or two) for us, would you guys?