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Bizzarrini GT Strada 5300 – #IA3*0301

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Chassis-Nummer: #IA3*0301

Motoren-Nummer: #66 V0201HD

Typ: Strada

Heckfenster: konventionell

Armaturenbrett: Serie II

Hinterachse: De Dion

Vergaser: Holley

Karosserie: Alu

Original-Farbe: gelb, später orange

Original-Interieur: schwarz

zum ersten Mal erwähnt: –

ausgeliefert: –

erster Besitzer: Jalut (Frankreich, Kennzeichen 306W02 und 1NK02)

weitere Besitzer/Besonderheiten: Roger Loyer (1969, Paris, Kennzeichen 9930VP75); Pages (1970, Saint-Cloud, Kennzeichen 8019AX92); Jacques Lavost, (1970, Paris, 2062WL75)

Auktionen: Artcurial, Paris 2015, Schätzpreis 550’000 bis 650’000 Euro, verkauft für 1’244’400 Euro, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «This car was sold new in May 1968 in France to Mr. Jalut, who sold pinball machines, pool tables and jukeboxes. He loved the design of the Bizzarrini, and so decided to part with his Maserati. The car still carries the registration 306 W 02 (provisional), that can be seen in photos taken at the Concours d’Élégance in Le Touquet, where the car was shown two months after he bought it. It was finally registered 1 NK 02 on 14 August 1968 and it is amusing to note that the authorities at that time were obviously not used to registering this type of car, as there were three typing errors : only one „z“ and one „r“, Bizarini instead of Bizzarrini, and “ Srada “ (missing the „t“), for the model. The car was sold a year later to the company Inter Franco Suisse, registered in Paris 9930 VP 75, and later sold through Société Sport Service Roger Loyer to a Mr. Pages from Saint-Cloud. He only kept the car a few months before finally being sold in May 1970, again through Roger Loyer, to a young marque enthusiast from Paris, then aged 28 years. It was registered 2062 WL 75 and retains this number today. At that time, it had covered approximately 25,000 km. Today the odometer reads 109,905. There are few collectors who can say they have covered close to 85,000 km in a Bizzarrini and during this time, the car enjoyed an agreeable life, making frequent trips to Italy. Although the owner has confided to us that he has managed to scare himself a few times in the car, he has never had any trouble with it. Taking advantage of these trips to Italy, he had the car maintained by Diomante, with whom he developed a good relationship. This was the same business that was responsible for restoring the car in 1991, a project that included new paintwork, wiring and carpets. A file including photos and invoices is available. The car is fitted with its original engine. The interior is magnificently preserved and the original leather displays a superb patina. An amusing detail, it is equipped with a “ musicassette „. The Michelin XWX tyres are new. At the start of the 1970s, the car’s passionate owner decided to make the acquaintance of Giotto Bizzarrini, the marque founder, which required him to carry out some research. His investigation led him to Livorno and a boat builder called Catarsi who was a friend of the automobile manufacturer. Catarsi gave him the details for Giotto’s parents, who welcomed the Frenchman, naturally with his 5300 GT too, and Mrs Bizzarrini senior put him in touch with her son and this was the start of a friendly relationship between the carmaker and the owner of this car that continues to this day»; : später verkauft über Simon Kidston, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada chassis IA30301 was sold new in May 1968 to a Monsieur Jalut, an entrepreneur who specialised in jukeboxes, pool tables and gaming machines. He had traded in a Maserati for the new Bizzarrini, a European car with alloy bodywork. The car was finished in gleaming yellow paired with black leather. Two months later, Jalut decided to show it off at a concours d’elegance taking place at Le Touquet, the smart resort town on the French Channel coast. In contemporary photos of the event, the striking yellow car with an impressive array of driving lights carried the provisional registration 306 W 02. A smiling Monsieur Jalut – we assume – with lady companion (and small dog) are pictured next to the exotic Italian GT. On 14 August 1968 it was finally registered for the road 1 NK 02, the Aisnedépartement of northern France. The rarity and unfamiliar nature of the marque in France is well demonstrated by the spelling ‘Bizzarrini Srada’ in official records.. A year later, chassis IA30301 was sold to a Parisian company Société Inter Franco Suisse and registered locally 9930 VP 75. It was then traded to a Monsieur Pages from Saint-Cloud, a wealthy suburb in the west of Paris, via dealer Société Sport Service Roger Loyer, a company in Levallois to the North-West of the capital. Loyer, which had another showroom in Bordeaux, also held the franchise for Eden Roc caravans – an unlikely combination. Pages’ relationship with the Bizzarrini did not last long: he sold it in May 1970, once again with the aid of Roger Loyer, to Jacques Lavost, who kept the car until February 2015. At that time, the license plate was changed to 2062 WL 75. The car was still yellow when purchased by the 28-year-old enthusiast, and its odometer read approximately 25,000km. Lavost decided to enjoy the car to the full; in the 45 years he owned it, in which period he covered some 85,000km, he travelled across Europe without worry. In May 2022, he related to Kidston how the big American engine was always “super solid” and that he “never really had issues” with the handbuilt car. The dependability of the big Italian GT not always noted for its reliability can be put mainly down to regular maintenance – bills on file include one from legendary French American engine specialist Greder Racing – and respect for the performance of the potent car. Lavost recalls that he regularly drove at speeds approaching of 240km/h (150mph) – but rarely more, taking particular care not to over-rev the engine. Much of the service work was carried out in Italy, and it was to the specialists of the country of the car’s birth to whom he turned when he decided to restore ‘IA30301’. At this time the colour was changed from yellow to the orange in which it is presented today. The carpets were replaced but the original interior retained. Lavost used the car extensively, travelling to Sweden on one occasion and also visiting his local racetrack Montlhéry just outside Paris. It was during his ownership of the car whilst travelling in Italy that Lavost met Giotto Bizzarrini. His friendship with the brilliant engineer and his family continued for many years. The orange car starred on the cover of French magazine Auto Moto Retro in 1984, when the July issue was devoted to the Bizzarrini marque. In 2015, Jacques Lavost made the decision to pass his cherished Bizzarrini on to a new keeper and the car was sold at auction in Paris, where our client, seeing the rare opportunity to own a ‘no stories’ Bizzarrini 5300 GT, bought it. The odometer read 109,950km and the car was still registered 2062 WL 75. Since then, it has been carefully looked after and currently lives in Germany. The Bizzarrini 5300 GT is one of the most recognisable GT cars of the 1960s, sharing its lines with the fearsome A3/C Grifo. Under the sinuous skin the cars were almost identical and this car too – a correct European market Strada – carries all-aluminium bodywork. Unlike so many other examples of the model, chassis IA30301 has impeccable provenance thanks to its continuous, undisputed history and comes with its original engine and interior. The fact that one enthusiast owned the car for 45 years is extraordinary and a bonus. Those seeking a race-bred, semi-competition Italian GT from the man who created the legendary Ferrari GTO need look no further. Your car, breathing fire from its ca. 385bhp front-mid-mounted V8, has arrived.»

*gemäss: Jack Koobs de Hartog, Bizzarrini – Facts and Figures, 2017

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