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Iso Grifo A3/C – #B-0215

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Bizzarrini – die Sammlung

Chassis-Number: #B-0215

Motoren-Nummer*: #529 F10075

Typ*: Strada (heute: Corsa)

Heckfenster*: konventionell

Armaturenbrett*: Serie 1

Hinterachse*: De Dion

Vergaser*: Holley

Karosserie*: Avoninal genietet, Carrozzeria Sports Cars (Piero Drogo)

Original-Farbe*: Rot

Original-Interieur*: Schwarz

zum ersten Mal erwähnt*: November 1964

ausgeliefert*: bestellt von Derek Wharton

erster Besitzer*: (siehe oben)

weitere Besitzer/Besonderheiten*:
es soll ein Brief existieren: Umbau auf Rechtslenker

1965/02/10: Carrozzeria Sports Cars an Bizzarrini: Fahrzeug gestern ausgeliefert
1965/03/02: Mehrwert-Steuer bezahlt
1965/06/12: Oulton Park, überhitzt, ausgefallen.
1965/07/17: Leinster Trophy, Dunboyne/Irland, Fahrer: Derek Wharton.
Gordon Unsworth, Derby
John Lowndes
John Bulmer
1973: Steve Worbey
2000: Flavien Marçais
2000: Nicholas Wrigley
2001: «prepared» von Ian Nuthall, Nottingham
2010: Alex Bell, «prepared» von Steve Stanton, Stanton Motorsports, Membury

2015: stand bei Peter Bradfield, London, zum Verkauf. Preis: 1’400’000 Pfund. Mit folgender Beschreibung: «Chassis B0215 is the only right-hand drive A3/C with period competition history and a riveted aluminium body by Drogo. This magnificent car is powered by a Pete Knight 5.3L Chevrolet engine fitted with a Holley and currently producing 520bhp on the dyno and a top speed of circa 176mph. Beautifully prepared by Stanton Motorsports for an owner with a cavalier disregard for expense the car specs include De Dion rear suspension, BPA LSD, correct Dunlop brakes and a full leather interior. The car is offered with HTP & FIA papers and with a significant history file. It is road registered and has an additional engine and some running spares. This well-known car has been a regular entrant at all the most prestigious events including Le Mans & Spa. It makes a noise like the wrath of God and your mother is not going to like it».

*gemäss: Jack Koobs de Hartog, Bizzarrini – Facts and Figures, 2017

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