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InZanity – the fabricated s30Z

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InZanity is a build by fabricator/artist/magician, Kyle Kuhnhausen. No stone has been left unturned, with pretty much every part hand fabbed by the man himself, with styling inspiration from Rampage Camaro. An LSx nestled between the braced and dimple-died engine bay ensures this Z will be as fast as it looks, and it looks damn fast. Calling this build “detailed” is selling it way short, so make sure you check it out for yourself and peep what an untold amount of man-hours and skill can do to a car.

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Note: For the most part, every post on this site has linked to a forum build thread, but times change, and social media is the new norm for sharing builds these days, so I think it’s time to change strategies a bit and cast the net wider than the (sadly) dwindling forum network. Forums will always be my first preference for sources, though.

CLICK HERE for the website gallery (not up to date)

CLICK HERE for Kyle’s Instagram to keep up to date with the project