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Lamborghini Miura P400 – #3375

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Der Hybrid

135) Chassis-Nummer: 3375

Motoren-Nummer: 1751

Auslieferungsdatum: 04.03.1968

Auslieferung an: Lamborcar

Original-Farbe: Bianco

Interieur: nero

erster Besitzer: Bongiasca?

weitere Besitzer: 2010 in Kalifornien gesehen, Kennzeichen 2KAC825, damals war ein Corvette-Motor eingebaut; Schweden (ab 2011, zuerst grün lackiert, mit einem Miura-Motor versehen); Italien (seit 2017, soll wieder den originalen Motor haben, wird komplett restauriert); 2022 Restauration abgeschlossen (siehe auch unten, Auktion).

Auktion: RM Sotheby’s, St. Moritz 2022, noch kein Schätzpreis, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «Chassis number 3375 is one of the earliest “thick chassis” P400s, incorporating chassis modifications to improve stiffness and handling. Leaving the factory on 4 March 1968, this Miura has production no. 135. It travelled a short distance to Milan to be delivered to Mr. Bongiasca via Lamborghini dealer Lamborcar. By 1998, this Miura was residing in California, in the care of Donald Sullivan. In early 2009 it appeared for sale and was fitted with a Chevrolet V-8 and a ZF transaxle; it is believed that these were relieved from an unfortunate De Tomaso Mangusta. Soon after this time it was exported to Sweden where the new owner embarked on a restoration, which included installing a correct specification Miura P400 drivetrain, a respray to Verde Miura, and a retrim in Bleu. During 2015, this Miura was sold to the current owner who commenced another restoration with an Italian workshop. Included in this process was a full bare-metal repaint back to its original colour, Bianco Miura, with an interior retrim in blue and light grey leather. During this restoration the chassis was put on a jig, body repairs were carried out, and the rear subframe was returned to factory configuration. The result of this restoration is a stunning example with outstanding panel shut-lines, worthy of any concours d’elegance.»

Besonderes: wird als einer der ersten Miura mit «reinforced chassis» beschrieben. Ist er aber nicht, siehe 200) 3537.

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