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Lamborghini Miura P400S – #4707

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566) Chassis-Nummer: 4689

Motoren-Nummer: 30565

Auslieferungsdatum: 07.10.1970

Auslieferung an: Lamborauto

Original-Farbe: Champagne

Interieur: pelle nera

erster Besitzer: Giovanni De Ferrero/Renato Canaparo (09.01.1971, Turin, bezahlten 7’595’000 Lire, Kennzeichen TOE37320)

weitere Besitzer: Gian Luigi Pratta (08.01.1972, Turin, bezahlte 50’000 Lire); Ugo Giacosa (09.12.1974, Bra, bezahlte 800’000 Lire); Giampiero Morotti (29.07.1977, Stressa Maggiore, bezahlte 6’000’000 Lire, Kennzeichen CN340807); Giovanni Cavalotti (18.10.1978, Mailand, bezahlte 1’000’000 Lire, Kennzeichen MI82096E); Bertino Stel (22.12.1980, Udine, bezahlte 1’000’000 Lire); Bruno Pieropan (17.01.1983, Chiampo Vicenza, bezahlte 10’000’000 Lire, Kennzeichen VI541639); in die USA exportiert (1983); Restauration bei Iain Tyrell (2015); Belgien (2019, Kennzeichen OAZN630)

Auktion: RM Sotheby’s, Arizona 2015, Schätzpreis 1’000’000 bis 1’400’000 Dollar, nicht verkauft, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «Chassis number 4707 is recorded on the original factory chassis list, which was published in Joe Sackey’s Lamborghini Miura Bible, as having been originally delivered through Lamborauto of Turin on October 7, 1970, and finished in Champagne with a Nero interior. As a very late production “S,” it was equipped with the most desirable features of ventilated disc brakes and a thicker, strengthened chassis frame, similar to that installed on the later “ultimate” SV. Importantly, it was also equipped with factory air conditioning, which is always a welcome feature on summer days. According to the documentation on file, the car was imported to the United States in 1984. Until recently, it had remained “under the radar” while in the small, reclusive private collection of a New Jersey enthusiast, who, according to the earliest title, registration slips, and paperwork on file, had owned it since at least 1988. According to the present owner, the car had last been used in 1996, after which it remained, alongside three or four Ferraris, in the same East Coast garage until the owner acquired it. The owner contacted West Coast Lamborghini specialist Gary Bobileff, who, according to the owner, was sent photographs of the car’s chassis plate, chassis stamping, and body stampings, all of which confirmed the car to be very original and in good, genuine order. It is believed that the color change to the present Nero over Champagne interior was undertaken before the car departed to Italy in the early 1980s. The owner notes that a recent compression test shows the compression of all cylinders is between 140 and 150, the oil pressure is good, and the synchromesh is good, except for the synchros in second gear, which are slightly weak. The Miura runs and drives fine otherwise, with the owner noting slight smoke only on the initial start and none while driving. “We’ve really just dusted it off,” the owner recounts, “being very careful around the engine bay to leave the original paint on the engine and chassis.” This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire a just-found Miura that is fresh for additional recommisioning and ripe for driving enjoyment.

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