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[TRAILER] THE BREED - A Concrete Jungle Book

Published in Video

An industrial building is surveyed by Hunter, an expeditioner-alike old man, who follows the behavior of a lonely child. When the child is discovered yells a wild mechanical scream and runs away into the building, all the way to a parking lot, and disappears. Thru the observation of his daily life, Hunter will learn the nature this wild child and the relation that made his survival feasible. The beauty in its abnormality. This is a revision of The Jungle Book, a classic story we've all grown up with... Put into the nowadays context of machinery taking over so many of our human roles. We draw the change from the initial fear of the weird and the unknown. Thru witnessing reality we evolve to understanding, caring. It's just a little simple story that may leave the audience thinking what should happen next, and its implications.

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