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Canon 5D Mark II Camera Test

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Shot on November 1st 2009 with a Canon 5D Mark II at 30fps. A variety of lens were used during the shoot. It was originally 1920x1280psf but was converted to an H.264 mpeg4 1280x720psf. Vimeo then compresses a final time upon upload. The purpose of this test was to see the detail in high and low light, movement of the camera/objects, color space, depth of field, and overall aesthetic value. This was cut on an Avid DS v.10. There are 2 time warps using Avid's fluid motion, and a color correction inside the box. This was a trail jam that was cut short due to a very bad wreck (guy at the end is Joe Weatherly), it was great that he came back and was alright. Most people set their bikes down and were not up to ride the rest of the day. Slowly a couple people started riding, but for the most part it ended up being a relaxed day. This was also the end of the season that allowed people to see what Kevin Beauchamp (the guy who goes through all of the big sets) had done all summer. With very little help these trails got about 30+ jumps added to them that season with his shovel. Shot by Joe Gall of Edited by David Cooperwasser. Music used and most people shown are in the credits.

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