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FINAL STAGES - Our next bug is heading to the United Kingdom

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In this episode we dive into what is happening in the 3L Engineering workshop... And there is a lot. We are in the final stages of completion of our next full vehicle going to the United Kingdom. It is an Audi 4.2l 40 valve V8 and she is a beauty. But that's not all, we have 3 full vehicles in production for the United States. We have donor bodies all over the workshop waiting for their turn at the body shop and we have brand new Chevrolet LS3 crate engines getting ready to be installed. Plus some other stuff. It's all in this video. It's a BIG ask but our next milestone on YouTube is 100,000 subscribers. SO, if you like our content please subscribe, like and share to help us get there. Hot off the press if you haven't seen our social media is the introduction of a dedicated US distributor, so if you want to talk to someone local go to our 3L Engineering website and fill in the enquiry form and Johann will contact you direct. For details, pricing and our enquiry form go to Where you can download our current price. Here are time stamps to the key parts of this episode if you want to watch them again or share with a friend: 0:00 Coming up in this show 0:13 Introduction 0:29 Arrival of bodies from Johannesburg 0:59 Our new distributor for the US 1:29 Jean's update of the UK car 2:58 Trip to the dyno 5:10 Fitting the body 8:13 Update on the 3 US cars 8:43 Three wheeler update 8:51 Roadster update 9:19 LS3 crate engines 9:52 Stripping 2 beetles in record time 11:50 Some grinding 13:02 Outro with Doug

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