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OLD - Restomod Classic Datsun 240Z with DRIFT mode uses upcycled Lexus drivetrain

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Upcycled EV Restomod Datsun 240Z with Drift mode. In this episode Jonny Smith gets under the skin (and behind the wheel) of a bespoke built classic (divisive!) Datsun Z that is a masterclass in upcycled modern hybrid and EV car components. There's been many 2JZ, RB26 and LS swapped Datsun 240s, but Silent Classics ( went down the EV muscle route for boss man Jack Kerridge's personal car. The attention to detail in exquisite. Thanks for stopping by The Late Brake Show. Controversial cars always intrigue us, and even if this isn't your taste there are dozens of custom touches that should draw true motor heads in. Why not join our Patreon gang for early access to episodes and a regular blog from Jonny? Smith & Sniff is the UK's #1 automotive podcast, where Jonny and ex Top Gear and Grand Tour script editor Richard Porter chat absolute rubbish for an hour, periodically mentioning car related topics. Listen now: Website: Apple music: Spotify: Amazon: Youtube: *********** Merch shop: ****** Become a Patreon supporter: ****** Website: ****** SUBSCRIBE for a broad-church of automotive appreciation spanning EV, classic, modified and future tech. ******** Filmed & edited by: Mark Taylor-Hankins @inksharkman Drone Pilot: @letsfpv Thumbnail design by: Matt Tarrant Thumbnail photography by: Jack Godwin **************** Jonny Smith Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since '98 Website: Instagram: Twitter: CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 1:30 Controversial? 2:20 Mostly Fiat 500 conversions 2:48 The 240Z backstory 3:27 Engine bay 4:14 TECH SPEC 4:54 Weight 5:15 Upcycled drivetrain 5:50 0-62! 6:39 Lexus Hybrid 7:10 Power specs 8:08 Ride and suspension spec 8:41 More advanced than Ford Capri 9:38 Range 10:00 Battery pack 12:35 Bodyshell 13:02 INTERIOR 14:57 Gearstick 15:58 DRIFT MODE 19:55 Price 20:34 Bespoke EV builds 21:00 Boot space & 2nd batt pack 21:44 Subaru Impreza rear diff 22:55 Fiat 500s to Range Rovers #datsun240z #restomods #evconversion #thelatebrakeshow #4k

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