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How This Acid Trip on Wheels Came to Life: The Citroen DS — BTS with DTS — Ep. 18

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The most advanced production car in the world when it was introduced, the Citroën DS is an icon. On nearly every axis, the car innovated. Not just a little, but outrageous, futuristic, psychedelic stuff which is still outlandish today. The DS is full of clever and weird features, yet somehow, Citroen sold almost a million and a half of them. In this video, Derek Tam-Scott explores the history, development, and impact of the DS and the men who contributed to it: André Citroën, André Lefèbvre, and Flaminio Bertoni. He also describes the roles of Citroën’s iconic preceding models such as the Traction Avant and the 2CV, in addition to the extraordinary, unmatched driving experience that the car offers. 0:00 - 0:37 - Cinematic Intro 0:37 - 1:33 - Introduction to DS 1:33 - 2:19 - Andre Citroen 2:19 - 3:43 - Citroen's Early Years 3:43 - 4:12 - Andre Lefebvre 4:12 - 5:23 - 2CV 5:23 - 6:18 - The DS is Born 6:18 - 7:52 - The DS's Obscure Mechanical Systems 7:52 - 9:06 - Citroen's Hydropneumatic Suspension 9:06 - 10:56 - Driving the DS 10:56 - 11:32 - The DS in Motorsport 11:32 - 14:17 - Derek's Closing Thoughts ______________ ISSIMI was founded on the idea that car transactions should be simpler, by guaranteeing both vehicle quality and full financial transparency. View our current inventory: Looking to sell your car? Our service is end-to-end, from when we pick up your car, to delivery with its new owner.

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