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Enzo Built a One-Off Ferrari with an F1 Engine: Ferrari 250 Europa Vignale — BTS with DTS — Ep. 13

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For a few magical years, the eras of Ferrari and coachbuilding overlapped, resulting in some of the most spectacular automotive confections of all time. Before Pinin Farina became the default designer of Ferrari road cars, there was Vignale, who designed and built the bodies of about 150 Ferraris between 1950 and 1954. These were made individually by hand and so a Vignale design was almost never built in quantities greater than ten. Only two examples of this particular body design were built, and this car, serial number 0313EU, is the only 250 Europa to receive this design. The mechanical bits of this 1953 Ferrari 250 Europa are equally special: the 22 Europas built are the only Ferrari 250s powered by the iconic “long block” Aurelio Lampredi-designed V12 which Ferrari designed in order to have a large and powerful enough naturally-aspirated engine to run competitively in Formula 1. And it sounds nothing like other Ferrari V12s. In this video, Derek Tam-Scott explores the sensational combination of race-derived mechanicals and Vignale’s automotive jewelry that make up this car, offering a glimpse into an era where Ferrari was an obscure sports car company turning out fewer than 50 cars a year in order to fund a racing habit. Other videos you might like: Ferrari F50: Lexus LFA: Peugeot 205 Turbo 16: Spyker C8: McLaren F1: _________ About ISSIMI The niche, $30b industry of collectable and low-production cars has seen little innovation in the past several decades. It’s one that lacked transparency, dependent on traditional dealers, brokers, and auction houses with unnecessarily high fees. We’re setting out to change that. We believe our technological and operational excellence can decrease costs while increasing transparency into car quality, building trust between collectors. Give us a shot, and shop rare cars anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home. View our current inventory: Follow Us on Instagram:

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