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Old German Relics | Crash & Action

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Old German Relics - A Spin off to the Swedish version "Old Swedish Relics", is a series of Historic rally videos dedicated to praising the car manufactures of a certain country - This time cars from Germany. In this 17-minute-long video, there are all kinds of old historic german cars, such as the Volkswagen Beetle, Opel Kadett, Ascona, Porsche, and Audi Quattro amongst others. If you are a fan of 30+-year-old German cars, this is a video for you. Just historic cars competing in the Appendix K rally class, for cars aged 30 and older. These old rally cars still put up a good show in the Swedish rallye forests sometimes, inviting to wide lines and occasionally pushing their car over the limit and ending up beside the road, or on the roof. But mostly, they just compete for the fun, driving an old and historic car on narrow gravel roads in Sweden is a pleasure to many. Sometimes it might not go fast, or wide, or be spectactular, but the sight of these old cars still sparks joy in the spectators, who are there to watch the race unfold in front of their eyes. So sit back and enjoy these plenty sequences of cars from the past, when cars still had an unique shape and were built differently, without computers and without all the electronic controls that new cars have and rely on. These cars were meant to drive, not to ride, and every single one had that unique thing that identified them. This is pure classic rally, but in a modern world where the rally cars mostly have more power, and are built way differently. These are just here for the fun, enjoying every single bit of the gravel race tracks. #germany #german #germancars #deutsch #deutschland #historicrally #historicracing #historiccar #classicrally ------------------------------------------------------------ If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like. Over 90% of viewers are not subscribed. Please consider subscribing if you like what you see. :) ------------------------------------------------------------ CONTACT ME: ------------------------------------------------------------ Please notice: I never publish content in which people are seriously injured. I do not support uploading such without the crews' consent. Professional drivers on a closed course. Do not attempt at home. ------------------------------------------------------------ This video is covered by Copyright! If you wish to use this video you will have to obtain my permit! Contact me via the links above if this is in your interest! Unauthorized usage will result in a Copyright Strike! ------------------------------------------------------------ -Other tags- Deutsche Auto Deutsch Auto Motor werken Engine sound #rallycar #rallyaction #oldschoolcool #oldschool

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