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1975 Citroen Ami Super Goes for a Drive

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The Citroen Ami Super, described (by me) as France's Mini Cooper, was a muscle car in all but cc, taking a bigger engine and shoehorning it into an unlikely body, and that was a good thing. Head to my Amazon Affiliate tool store to shop Draper tools I use and support the channel Furious Driving merch is here! for T shirts, hats, mugs, key rings, badges and more soon on there! All the other Furious Driving, Rover, Alfa stickers, mugs, T shirts HERE - on Redbubble Hit the Channel Member JOIN button and become a Furious Driver or help support the channel on Patreon here: Post me stuff for Junk in the Trunk post bag section! Furious Driving PO Box 477 AYLESFORD ME6 9LE Check out my new Photography channel 'Click Bait' -

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