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Burning passion: The story of Otto Mathé and his “Fetzenflieger”

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Motor racing was everything to Otto Mathé. In the 1950s, he sped from one victory to another – with the legendary “Fetzenflieger” (“tatter-flinger”). The name said it all: The cloth covers of the engine occasionally caught fire. Austrian race car driver Otto Mathé had a distinct disadvantage: His right arm was disabled after a motorcycle accident. In 1948 he returned to the track on four wheels. His most remarkable race car: the “Fetzenflieger”. A silver-colored monoposto with a 130-hp Porsche Carrera engine. Two cloth tarps in the vicinity of the carburetor enabled rapid changing of spark plugs and simultaneously served as an air filter. Innovative, but decidedly risky: after every misfire, Mathé left a trail of flaming tatters behind him. Unique: Episode 10 of 9:11 Magazine. Magnus Walker encounters the Porsche he fell in love with as a ten-year-old; a Le Mans win aided by a stopwatch; the only 911 on Norfolk Island; in the nick of time at Le Mans; and the extraordinary life story of Herbert Linge. See the entire episode of 9:11 Magazine: Another lap? Then buckle up for more from 9:11 Magazine:

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