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Cult race: After 30 years, Porsche driver “Holgi” gives the “Red-Porsche-Killer” another crack.

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Back in1988, comic artist “Brösel” and his “Red-Porsche-Killer” didn’t stand a chance against the 911 of his friend and bar-owner “Holgi.” The defeat was a nagging blow. The time had come for a rematch. A lot was the same in the sequel of this cult race – the masses of fans, the atmosphere, the rivals, the vehicles. Only the winner was different this time ... Rötger “Brösel” Feldmann, artist of the successful “Werner” comics, had been itching for a rematch for 30 years. Now, at long last, he got his chance to avenge the painful defeat. “Brösel” once again tested his mettle with his modified, four-engine Horex Regina – dubbed the “Red-Porsche-Killer” – in a drag race against the Porsche 911 driven by his friend and bar-owner Holger “Holgi” Henze. For his part, Holgi had completely overhauled the 2.4 engine of his 1968 911 and installed a new 5-speed transmission. The two faced off, as they had the first time, at the Hartenholm Airfield in Hasenmoor, Germany, some 50 kilometers north of Hamburg. Thousands of fans were once again on hand to witness the event. But the victor would be a different one this time ... Keen for even more Porsche Motorsport action? The Porsche 935/78 went down in the annals of motor racing history with the nickname “Moby Dick.” Now Porsche has a surprise successor. Click here for what makes the new 935 so special: The complete episode 9 “Reunion” is available here: Another lap? All episodes are available here:

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