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Desperate Generation

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Today's Featured Videos When I inteviewed Jimmy White he told me about this movie that he was in a long time ago called "DESPERATE GENERATION" that was kinda like MFS but 10 years ago..He gave me a VHS and it sent me back when I started hanging around the "Scene"... Seeing the Shifters and the Lucky Devils from back in the dayz was really cool. It's sorta New Skool but Ol Skool.. awww the days before the "Rat Rod" term was coined!!! just good ol Hot Rods... Any ways I was introduced to Emily Dutton who made the film for film school when she was 19. I thought it need to be shown to the masses...It has allot of familare faces and to see where these people are today is cool..still keeping the tradition alive!!! Music by the Blue Demons

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