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Lamborghini Miura P400SV – #5050

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Er hätte eine so schöne Farbe gehabt, original ausgeliefert wurde der Lamborghini Miura P400SV mit der Chassisnummer 5050 nämlich in Luci del Bosco, Lichtern des Waldes. Aber der dritte Besitzer, ein in Marseille wohnhafter Franzose, wollte den SV ganz klassisch haben, also: rot. Es sei ihm nachgesehen, schliesslich war der Miura 37 Jahre in seinem Besitz.

732) Chassis-Nummer: 5050.

Motoren-Nummer: 30738

Auslieferungsdatum: 10.07.1972

Auslieferung an: Voitures Paris Monceau (Kennzeichen 6196XU75)

Original-Farbe: Luci del Bosco

Interieur: senape

erster Besitzer: D. Castel (Bordeaux, Kennzeichen 8394CZ33)

weitere Besitzer: Bordeaux (1974); Marseille (1976, rot, Kennzeichen 8348GB13, behielt den Wagen 37 Jahre lang); Dietmar Göetz (2014, Kennzeichen RD-SV 39H); stand auf der Rétromobile Paris zum Verkauf (2016, 42’426 Kilometer, 2’600’000 Euro); Frankreich (2019, Annecy, Kennzeichen W081FB)

Auktion: Artcurial, Paris 2017, Schätzpreis 2’200’000 bis 2’600’000 Euro, verkauft für 2’388’400 Euro, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «This car was delivered new on 10 July 1972, by the well-known French distributor Paris Monceau Automobiles. Originally metallic brown with mustard interior, this superb Miura was sent to its first owner, Mr. D. Castel, who registered the car in Bordeaux on 30 August 1972, with the number 8394 CZ 33. He owned the car for close to two years before selling it on 15 February 1974. The second owner also lived in Bordeaux and the registration remained the same. The third owner, a huge Italian sports car enthusiast and very discreet collector, acquired the car on 11 February 1976, and unlike the previous owners, kept it for 37 years! It was registered 8346 GB 13 in Marseille. During his ownership, he had some restoration work carried out in Modena during the early 1980s. It was at this point that the car was repainted a stunning red. Maintained by his private mechanic, the Miura could often be seen on country roads around Aix and Marseille. In 2014 the engine was completely overhauled by Jean-Michel Noël and the car then sold to the current owner, a German collector and marque enthusiast. Today the odometer reads 42 580 km and it is reasonable to believe this is genuine, given the condition of the original, un-restored tan pigskin interior. In 2016, the engine was overhauled by KL, a Lamborghini specialist. This is a rare and highly desirable model, one of two examples with air conditioning and split sump delivered new in Europe. There were 17 others, all delivered to the US. The car is completely original and the build number (732) is stamped on the doors, bonnet and bonnet wings, which are all correctly numbered 1 – 5. These numbers are visible everywhere apart from the bonnet where, as is often the case, it is hidden under the paintwork. The car also has its original engine, and can therefore be described by the phrase collectors like to see: “ matching numbers and panels.».

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