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Mercedes E-Class 2020: Our First Prototype Ride Ahead of its World Premiere (German)

Published in fü

The 213 series E-Class was launched four years ago as the “Masterpiece of Intelligence”, temporarily outshining even the S-Class in terms of its driver assistance and lighting systems, active safety, efficiency and even comfort. In 2020 (in which we also expect the new S-Class W223), the team around Chief Engineer Michael Kelz will likely impress E-Class customers once again. This summer, the E-Class facelift will hit dealerships. Already in January we were allowed to have an exclusive look inside the new E-Class long before its official world premiere in Geneva.
This prototype ride should not be unfamiliar to our viewers, as we already had the great honor of accompanying the engineers during the final approval run of the E-Class at the end of 2015.

This time our video turned out to be quite a bit shorter, so that you could watch it earlier. Everything we were allowed to see and learn, we have put into this video for you. We thank Mercedes-Benz for their support and the invitation and hope you enjoy this first official look at the W213 “Mopf”!

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