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Mercedes EQC in real life: our fully electric drive from Oslo to Berlin (German)

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It’s finally here: our long-awaited travelogue of probably the first fully electric Mercedes road trip in the world. For petrolheads like us, battery-powered driving is a learning process, and that’s exactly how this video is meant to be: as a view from long-distance drivers, who have little experience with EV, but high expectations of a car (electric or not). Can the EQC convince?

With this video, we have tried to provide a thoroughly honest account of what it means to drive purely electrically on Europe’s roads today. We also discuss the financial and ecological aspects, but our main focus is of course on the “fünfkommasechs”-typical nerd themes related to the Mercedes-Benz brand. Enjoy the first part of our journey with the Mercedes among EVs! :-)

PS: as usual, there was no script and no plan, and apart from travel and hotel costs, there was no sponsoring by Mercedes. The video solely reflects our private opinions.

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