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The Future Classic – Philscream’s Supercharged E92 M3 – Photos by Alex Pfeiffer

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"What better time than now," they say. Who they might be, I am unsure. But I think it's safe to assume what they're talking about: buying an E92 M3. To be clear, the V8-powered M3 lineup is anything but inexpensive, tallying in at around $20,000 for the cheapest examples, and swelling past $50,000 for the best of the best. Cheap, they are not. However, it's unlikely that they'll fall any further in price; after all, it's a significant amount of car for the money, and its certainly the last of its kind. Its naturally-aspirated V8 is the one and only for the M3 lineage, and despite its creature comforts, it can still be considered a driver's car. Its design language avoids controversy entirely, and in all, the E90 and E92 M3 will be fondly remembered forever. That doesn't, however, mean there isn't room for improvement.

Phil seems to agree, having given his E92 the complete treament of touches that only build upon the incredible car it was born as. A custom-built set of BBS LMs celebrates both iconic design and modern fitment, while air suspension allows them to fill the arches to the brim. BMW Performance interior bits keep the now 14-year-old design feeling as modern as can be, and of course, a G-Power supercharger under the hood gives this machine a considerable boost in power on demand.

Although just a quick glimpse at a wonderful machine, Phil's E92 M3 will leave me wondering forever why I didn't move mountains to own one of these cars for myself, before the prices eventually reach a level we'll never be able to touch. "What better time than now?" indeed.