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The Daily Grind – The GFC Pop-Up Pop Up

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It wasn't all too long ago that I was introduced to Graeme MacPherson, and along side him, his company and product, Go Fast Campers. It was in preparation for our trip through the deserts of Utah earlier this spring: our long-time friend Jim Bob Barnett's 2nd-generation Tacoma was outfitted with GFC's first-ever production unit, and of course, put to the test over the course of our 8 days abroad. With the unsurprising but explosive success of GFC's camper units in the following few months, I've been fortunate enough to have Graeme pass through the StanceWorks HQ on his delivery trips through Southern California. Yesterday evening, he set up shop in the lot and brought out a handful of locals for an impromptu get-together, culminating in a perfect way to cap the weekend.

A slew of trucks, both GFC-equipped and not, posted up in the StanceWorks lot for an evening of shop talk, and of course, tent admiration. With orders for GFC campers booked out until spring of next year, folks are eager to see them first-hand. Fittingly, Graeme has taken to putting together small meetups on his travels across the US as he delivers campers a few at a time.

The timing was perfect as the sun fell low enough in the sky to cease its burdensome abuse and the heat of the day faded. Any excuse to talk trucks, dogs, camping, and everything in between is a welcome one, and it seems Graeme and I are far from alone in sharing that sentiment. Over the course of a couple of hours, the StanceWorks lot filled, and everyone in attendance was as pleasant and kind as could be - the kind of get-togethers Sunday evenings were made for.

For many, it was an opportunity to see the ins-and-outs of GFC's units, both installed and pre-delivery. For those unfamiliar, Go Fast Campers specializes in incredibly lightweight, instantly-deployable camper systems for more-or-less any pickup you can conjure. With aluminum construction, weatherproof materials, a spaceframe support, and built entirely here in the United States,  it's a system that's been built to be used and abused. And being able to deploy and close it by one's self in under a minute, there's no surprise as to why people are willing to wait for these camper systems, which are setting a new standard for the ever-growing market.

For many, though, it was simply an an opportunity to see friends and talk shop. A great variety of machines paid visit, ranging from the new turbo diesel Colorado ZR2 to a few dual sports fit for double-duty.

As the sun fell and disappeared, a few of us straggled behind, joking about the ups and downs of the off road community, well past sunset and into the dark. Eventually, all good things come to an end, and we parted ways, disappointed in Monday's inevitability. But for a Sunday evening, it was hard to beat. Until the next one....