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The ‘Rusty Slammington’ Art Print

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To celebrate the completion and revival of our project E28, "Rusty," we launched the most recent art print from the Lowly Gentlemen. Andrew Ritter paired his talent with paper once again, this time depicting Rusty from the inside out, celebrating everything that comprises its latest form. A handful remain from our unveiling last year, waiting for homes on shop and office walls, and what better time than now than to bring the beautiful prints in to the spotlight. Hand drawn and then silk-screened on to a beautiful grey paper from the French Paper Co, the Rusty Slammington Print is a true piece of art fit for a frame.

After our unveiling at SEMA last year, we're finally ready for Rusty's first public debut in the United States: Bimmerfest, in Fontana, California, on May 28, 2016. Join us at the Nuke Performance/CSF Radiators booth this weekend in the Vendor Alley to see the car for yourself - it's your choice whether or not you leave with oil-stained hands. We hope to see you there!

Click Here to buy the Rusty Slammington Art Print