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Building a 3.3 L Mercedes M104 Inline-Six

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Marcin owns a unique Mercedes CLK 200 (W209) powered by a turbocharged 3.6 L M104 inline-six. The inline-six made 700 hp and 900 Nm of torque on 1.5 bar of boost. You can read more about the car in our previous article or in the build thread. Marcin started building a new M104 inline-six capable of 600-800 hp. The build began with a 2.8 L motor and Marcin increased the displacement to 3.35 L using a OM648 crankshaft. In the block he installed forged pistons and a girdle. On top sits a ported head with aftermarket camshafts, solid lifters, and MLS gasket. Watch Marcin build the engine in the video below. Use the CC button and auto-translate for English subtitles.

Source: marcin_m111turbo

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