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BMW E92 with a Turbo M50

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Tomasz Wilfart competes in the Drift Open Polish Drift Series in a BMW E92 built by Wilu Motorsport. The car is powered by a swapped BMW M50B25 inline-six producing 660 hp and 820 Nm (604 lb-ft) of torque on E85 fuel. The motor features a M52B28 crank, FCP forged pistons, Prism forged rods, custom exhaust manifold, Turboworks intake manifold, and a GTX3582 turbocharger. E85 fuel is sent from a 35-liter aluminum tank with built-in swirl pot by two AEM/Epman pumps to Bosch 980 cc injectors. Behind the motor is a twin-disc clutch and BMW 2.0d transmission sending power to an E65 differential with E38/E39 axles. The car rides on ISC adjustable coilovers with a FAT angle kit, Swagier rear adjustable camber arms, and 335i brakes. Tomasz has the car listed on FB Marketplace for 165,000 zł ($41,137).

turbocharged M50 inline-six swapped into a BMW E92

BMW E92 with a turbocharged M50 inline-six

rear suspension of a BMW E92 with a turbocharged M50 inline-six

front suspension of a BMW E92 with a turbocharged M50 inline-six

interior and rollcage of a prodrift BMW E92

rear fuel tank in a prodrift BMW E92

Full Specs: (translated by Google Translate)

BMW E92 originally 325i
built in 2023 by Wilu Motorsport
completed 3 events
-Jastrząb Track Cup
-drift open Trackwood
-track drift training

-M50B25NV 660km/820nm e85
-forged fcp 85.5 pistons
-forged prism connecting rods
-m52b28 crankshaft
-two suction rollers m50b25nv
-RPM Custom exhaust manifold
-turbo gtx35/82 t51r-mod
-Turboworks intake manifold
-980cc Bosch injectors
-emu Black full TurboFamilia tuning
-ACL bushings / ARP stud screws / Athena fire ring
-wastegate TurboSmart 55
-e85 fuel

-double disc 2xsintered + reinforced pressure 2.5tdi from kbcustom.
-differential E65 2.81
-Polosie E38/39 4.0/4.4i
-2.0d gearbox

-ISC thread front/rear integrated (rear spring 6kg)
-FAT front twist
-Swager rear adjustable wishbones
-4 rear brake calipers
-335i brake kit

Fuel system:
-two AEM / Epman fuel pumps
-35 liter aluminum fuel tank with built-in swirl sweat.
-PTFE cables for E85, all twisted
-stainless steel strip

-cab/engine harness built in Wilu Motorsport
-ECUMASTER emu Black
-ecumaster data logger EDL-1

-Mikinka full body kit
(bonnet/bonnet/fenders/pandem/entire rear/bumpers/side sills/doors)
-polycarbonate windows (removable side windows)
-body is cut as much as possible and the MMG safety cage is welded on (accident-free)

-Mirco xl driver’s seat
-QMS Fia 6-point seat belts
-slide handlebar
-E46 laminate dashboard
-electric heater (blowing air onto the windshield + driver’s legs)
-fire extinguishing system
-additional 2kg fire extinguisher

Source: Tomasz Wilfart and DriftCam

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