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Ottimoto Racing’s Civic with a 640 hp B18

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Ottimoto Racing is known for building an AWD K-series Shuttle capable of low-9’s. They also race a 1994 Honda Civic (EG6) powered by a turbocharged B18C4 inline-four producing 640 hp and 545 Nm (401 lb-ft) of torque. The motor sits on Hasport billet mounts and features forged pistons and rods, Supertech valvetrain, custom exhaust manifold, and BorgWarner S369SXE turbocharger. Fuel is fed by Grams 1600 cc injectors from a Waterman mechanical fuel pump controlled by a ECUMaster ECU. Beside the motor is a dogbox transmission from M-Drive Transmissions and a set of Driveshaft Shop axles.

Ottimoto Racing's turbo B18 swapped Honda Civic

turbocharged Honda B18 inline-four in the engine bay of Ottimoto Racing's Civic

turbocharged Honda B18 inline-four and Mdrive dogbox transmission going into Ottimoto Racing's Civic

Mdrive dogbox transmission for Ottimoto Racing's Civic with a turbocharged B18

Source: @Ottimoto_racing and Fotopj

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