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For Sale: 1974 Beetle with a Turbo Subaru EJ20

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This 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle is for sale on eBay in San Antonio, Texas with a buy-it-now price of $6,500. We shared this project last year when the owner Adam Chavez was building it. The car is powered by a turbocharged 2.0 L EJ20 flat-four from a 2002 Subaru WRX. The engine is mated to the factory VW four-speed transaxle thanks to a KEP adapter plate, Stage 2 clutch and pressure plate. Adam states the Beetle has been driven at “30%” throttle with easy shifting to keep the transaxle intact. Issues with the car include rust behind rear windows, dent on front fender, crooked front bumper, no interior carpet, passengers-side low beam and blinkers do not work. The car also has a battery drain that was never solved. Adam’s solution to the issue was a battery kill switch. For a more detailed spec list please visit the eBay listing or view below.

1974 Super Beetle with a Turbo Subaru EJ20 Flat-Four

1974 Super Beetle with a Turbo Subaru EJ20 Flat-Four

1974 Super Beetle with a Turbo Subaru EJ20 Flat-Four

1974 Super Beetle with a Turbo Subaru EJ20 Flat-Four

1974 Super Beetle with a Turbo Subaru EJ20 Flat-Four

1974 Super Beetle with a Turbo Subaru EJ20 Flat-Four

Full Specs from eBay listing

Many mods to this beetle, who doesn’t want a 220hp+ VW beetle instead of the stock 1600cc 40hp’ish.
I purchased this beetle in early 2018 with the original 1600cc engine and drove it often until late 2019 i decided to do a engine swap.
Clean blue title in my hand with my name.
Comes with 2 original keys one for the door and one for the ignition
Car is on the stock VW trans,, granny shifting it and only 30% throttle the trans will stay together
Car is on 6lbs of boost which feels plenty fast- does fine on the HWY but because its on the stock VW 4 speed
is revving higher than id like at 70mph @ 4th is (4100rpm)

This car is not for the novice, clutch grabs fairly hard and since the car doesnt weigh much (1800lbs) is moves quick

A 2002 Subaru WRX wagon was purchased and the motor and engine were used.

-Motor was take apart and rebuilt with all OEM gaskets/oring etc…(Basically a new motor) Has about 5/600) miles since the swap was completed
-New PCV
Coolant line through TB was eliminated
-New starter
-New Alternator & alt to crank gates belt
-Stock Tstat
-Deatschwerks 255IL inline fuel pump (450hp+ capable) & regulator. Is on a manual switch but can be wired up
through the Subaru harness
-Rear hood raingaurd
-Front and rear struts braces
-Rear Empi adj coil overs
-Wrinkle red intake mani/turbo compressor housing-wrinkle black valve covers
-New NGK plus and OE coils
-Front Empi adjustable struts
-Stock FMIC
Compression on the motor is (130-140) on all 4 cylinders
-Windshield wipers work good
-Busaru modified stock Subaru harness on Stock PCM & speed sensor
-KEP adapter plate stage 2 clutch and pressure plate and TOB
-Subaru WRX front seats fully adjustable
-Stock rear seats
-AutoMeter gauges (oil press/boost/coolant temp)
-AEM digital wideband idles @ 14.2-15.6
-6an Fuel feed line with inline FP gauge
-Stock feed line is now the return
-New FP regulator set @ 43psi
-New Mexico fuel sender and electronic buck regulator
-All original VW glass
-Oil pan shorted 2in for better clearance and also oil pick up shortened
-New 1996 Mazda 626 radiator, fits perfectly in the front., under the hood.
-No cooling issues at all
-16in Spal electrical fan switched on manually but can be wired through the Subaru harness
-Engine is on 3+gal of Zertex (blue)
-Aftermarket CD stereo deck, works but disconnected
-Perrin custom short ram intake
-Horn works good
-New MAF sensor and spare
-Stock FMIC
-Tires nothing fancy buy have decent tread and hold air just fine
-Come with older gen COBB tuning device, I never used it and installed on car.
-The stock PCM and entire Subaru harness are under the rear driver side
-New Battery less than 2 yrs old
-Rust under the rear seats were cut out and replaced
-When I got the car there was a battery drain on the car and never found the issue so its been on a kill switch and works just fine (comes with 2 keys)
-Exhaust is about 3ft long and is loud and thermo wrapped
-Stock turbo has a blanket as well
-Stock drum breaks work well
-Stock pea shooter exhaust are fake, just for looks
-Both windows roll up fine and doors lock fine
-Inspection has past before on the swap.
-Classic car insurance can be purchased for cheap rates on older classic cars

There’s so much I’m forgetting, need nothing to drive home, starts right up.


I haven’t one thing to the exterior
Has usual rust behind the rear windows, common on the super beetles
Interior is sparse. no carpet
Low beam on pass went out
Blinkers stopped working, haven’t looked into it, could be a fuse
Reverse lights work good
Dent on the front driver fender, honestly don’t remember when I got that, could be easily pulled out.
Front bumper is a lil crocked but can be adjust im sure.
Inspection is expired because I haven’t driven much.

Source: eBay

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