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AWD Civic with a 1100 hp Turbo H22

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Aaron Lopez built and races a very fast 1998 Civic hatchback. The car is powered by a turbocharged 2.2 L H22 inline-four producing 1100 horsepower at 50 psi of boost from a Precision PT7685 turbocharger. Aaron built the motor using a sleeved H22A4 block, Traum pistons, R&R rods, ported head, Ferrea valvetrain, ID 1700 cc injectors and Siemens Deca 2300 cc injectors, and a MoTeC M130 ECU. Power goes to all four wheels through a drivetrain consisting of a dogbox, Gear-X gearset, Few H22 Crew Racing billet bellhousing, Competition triple-disc clutch, K-series transfer case, Wavetrac LSD, and Driveshaft Shop Pro axles. Aaron’s best quarter-mile is a 8.26 sec at 160 mph.

Source: @aaronlopezh22 and That Racing Channel

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