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Coyote Iron Block

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Ford Performance debuted their new Coyote iron-block (M-6010-M50X) at PRI. The block allows for a maximum bore of 95 mm and stroke of 99 mm. This equates to 5.6 liters (342 ci) of displacement. They designed the block with several structural improvements including 12 mm head bolts and Class 50 cast iron. Ford Performance says the block will be available in 2020.

Coyote Iron Race Block specs:
Maximum Displacement: 5.6 liters
Material: Class 50 Cast Iron
Block Deck Height: 227 mm (8.937 inches)
Main Bearing Bore: 72.4 mm (2.850 inches)
Cylinder Bore Minimum: 92.2 mm (3.630 inches)
Cylinder Bore Maximum: 95.0 mm (3.740 inches)
Stroke Maximum: 99.0 mm (3.897 inches)
Bore Spacing: 100.0 mm (3.937 inches)
Bridge Width at Max Bore: 5.0 mm (0.197 inches)
Billet Steel Main Caps: 6 bolt
Head Bolts: 12.0 mm

Source: REVan Evan

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