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For Sale: AFP Subaru WRX with a 1200 hp Turbo Flat-Six

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Andy Forrest is listing his Subaru WRX race car for sale asking £95,000-£115,000 (about $125,400-$151,800) with price varying depending on spare parts included in sale. The car was rebuilt to compete in World Time Attack 2017 where it finished 4th in Pro Class, 3rd in final shootout, and fastest 4WD of the event. It’s powered by a stroked 3.6 L EG33 flat-six that features a billet crank, billet rods, Mahle custom pistons, custom camshafts, 12 ASNU 1300 cc injectors, and Precision 8385 turbocharger. The combination makes an estimated 1,200 horsepower and could make up to 1,500 hp with the nitrous system. A custom drivetrain consisting of a Cosworth front diff with a chain drive and a R35 GTR Stage 2.5 transaxle deliver power to all four wheels.

Full specs:

  • 3.6 L EG33 flat-six
  • fully linered 98 mm block
  • billet 79 mm stroker crank and rods
  • Mahle custom pistons
  • complete Supertech valve gear (9,500 rpm)
  • lightweight solid followers
  • titanium retainers
  • hollow sodium filled inconel valve
  • custom billet camshafts with adjustable wheels
  • 14 mm studs
  • Dailey dry sump system with 4 stage scavenge
  • Precision 8385 twin scroll billet turbo with 1400 hp flow potential
  • 12 new 1300 cc ASNU injectors


  • Cosworth front diff
  • custom front chain drive rated over 1000 hp
  • mid/rear mounted R35 GTR Stage 2.5 transaxle
  • billet clutch baskets
  • race clutches
  • Viton seals
  • Nissan carbon propshaft and GTR driveshafts


  • Syvecs S8 ECU
  • traction control
  • launch control
  • closed loop ignition and fueling
  • 12 power settings
  • various fuel maps
  • Syvecs/Life racing PDU
  • AIM colour dash


  • double wishbone front and back
  • alloy uprights
  • inboard dampers/rockers
  • Moton/AST 3 way coilovers
  • 3rd spring set up to cope with aero loads (without being oversprung for low speed)
  • lightweight hollow tubular adjustable ARB’s front and rear
  • Alcon fully floating discs and 6 pot race spec calipers front and rear
  • Bosch Motorsport ABS


  • Rays Volk TE37 lightweight forged alloys 18×11
  • new Yokohama A050 tires or choice of Pirelli slicks/wets

Spare Parts:

  • Full EG33 3.6 stroker engine, 1500 bhp capable, fresh built short motor including Arrow billet 3.6 stroker crankshaft, new Crower rods, new Mahle box-in-box pistons, closed deck 98 mm block, ported heads with full new set of supertech valve gear, ti caps, lightweight solid followers, new custom billet cams, 14mm studs. £12k
  • Set of new 18×11 Rays Volk TE37’s with 1 lap old Yokohama A050. £3500
  • 2x new Alcon floating discs. £500
  • 4x new Moton/AST coilovers and springs. £3000
  • Precision 7675 billet turbocharger, new (rated at 1150bhp) £1500
  • Set of high temperature autoclave suitable moulds for front and rear wings, bonnet, bumper, splitter (top and bottom) and infinity wings POA, only available with car.
  • Also have spare alloy uprights, rose joints, wheel bearings etc that will go with the car.
  • Brian James fully enclosed tri axle trailer, very low and wide to allow car to drive in without removing the front end like most £9000

Source: Andy Forrest FB post via Stav-Tech FB page

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