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2002 Holden Commodore with a 1000+ hp Turbo LSx V8

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This 2002 Holden Commodore SS best quarter-mile so far is a 9.50 sec at 150 mph. However the owner hopes to get the sedan into the 8-second club soon thanks to a stroked 403 ci (6.6 L) LSx V8 under the hood capable of 959 horsepower to the wheels. The engine features a 6.0 L LY6 iron-block, forged bottom-end, Garrett GT47R turbocharger, Haltech Elite EFI, and E85 fuel. The drivetrain consists of a Powerglide two-speed transmission, G-Force driveshaft, factory Commodore IRS rear end, and billet axles.

2002 Holden Commodore with a Turbo LSx V8

Source: Fullboost

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