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Vipers with Engines Besides a V10

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This is an old unpublished article I have kept for a while mainly for research and figured it would be fun to publish it. All the projects in this list are older. All these projects vary in their level of modification. Some of these remained mostly stock while others have very little left from the factory. If anyone knows of another project that I have not listed please let me know.

Sir Hiss HEMI powered Viper

This is probably the first Viper with a V8 swap. The motor was a 541 ci HEMI V8 that made about 1,000 horsepower with a nitrous system. It was street legal and owner had driven it to get milk one time.

Outcome: Real

Ryan Hagen’s SBC powered Viper

After suffering an engine fire Ryan decided to purchase the chassis and install a 5.3L H.O. SBC. He then later planned on swapping in a stroked LS3 or twin-turbo LS3.

Outcome: Not finished
Source: Engine Swap Depot

528 ci HEMI V8 powered Red 1994 R/T Viper

528 ci HEMI V8 powered Red 1994 RT Viper

This red 1994 R/T Viper is powered by a 528 ci HEMI V8 with a 1100 CFM carb. The engine produces 900 horsepower and is connected to an automatic transmission and stock rear.

Outcome: Real
Source: Viper Club

HEMI V8 powered Viper

A mechanic at the Viper engineering facility built a HEMI powered Viper for drag racing. It had a factory frame and solid rear axle. Mike Robbins of Ringgold Dodge purchased it and raced it for a few years before selling to Lee Saunders. Lee swapped the V10 back in and twin-turbocharged it.

Outcome: Real but now runs a V10TT
Source: Viper Club

Bill Adams’ HEMI powered 1998 Dodge Viper GTS

Bill Adams 1998 Dodge Viper GTS with a Chrysler 426 Hemi stroked to 588 ci

Bill Adams decided to install a HEMI V8 because of its history in drag racing and since the Viper was going to drag race he felt it was the best of both worlds. The engine started as a 426 ci HEMI that was increased to 588 ci and produced 950 horsepower. The transmission was changed to a 727 three-speed and the factory IRS was replaced by a four-linked Dana 60 rear. With MT ET drag slicks the Viper ran a 8.87 sec quarter-mile at 154.50 mph.

Outcome: Real
Source: HotRod

Daigo Saito’s Nascar powered Viper

Daigo Saito's Nascar powered Viper

Daigo Saito purchased a Viper that had been ruined in a Tsunami and was going to build it into a D1GP drift car for 2013/2014. It was going to run a Busch-series Dodge 356 ci V8. Here is Engine Labs’ article about how AEM got the engine ready for competition. Daigo has yet to begin the project but I am still hoping this will eventually be completed.

Outcome: Not finished
Source: Speedhunters

Chevy Small-block powered Silver Viper

I have been told there is a Silver Viper with a SBC V8 that competes in road racing but I haven’t found any info on it.

Outcome: Not enough info

LSx powered Red Viper

Red Viper with small block V8 LSx in UAE

This project was posted to LS1Tech forums in 2012. Very little information was given. Based on the photos and photographer’s info this project was being built in the UAE.

Outcome: Not finished but appears to be real
Source: LS1Tech

Red Viper with small block V8 LSx in UAE

Hallenborgs Twin-turbo LSx powered Orange Viper

I have added this to this list only because there are some who believe it is a Viper. It is really a fiberglass Viper body over a Corvette C4 chassis. The engine is a built 7.0 L LSx with two turbochargers producing 1048 whp on 21 psi of boost and E85 fuel. You can view finished photos here or build photos and stats on the project’s homepage.

Outcome: Not a real Viper but still amazing
Source: Engine Swap Depot

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