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BMW X5 Powered By A Le Mans V12

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While surfing the internet I came across BMW’s custom X5 LM. Essentially they took an X5 and installed a 700 horsepower, 6.0L V12 from their Le Mans LMR race car. They completed this project many years ago but this is the first time I have heard of it. It sure sounds amazing going around the ring.

bmw_x5_with_le_mans_v12_01 bmw_x5_with_le_mans_v12_08 bmw_x5_with_le_mans_v12_07 bmw_x5_with_le_mans_v12_06 bmw_x5_with_le_mans_v12_05 bmw_x5_with_le_mans_v12_04 bmw_x5_with_le_mans_v12_03 bmw_x5_with_le_mans_v12_02

Watch as a very lucky passenger got to ride in it with professional driver Martin Tomczyk.

This is in German but it shows more footage from outside and inside the X5.

Source: BimmerFest via OppositeLock

Original: Engine Swap Depot

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