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Kaido Racers 街道レーサー | Wingworks Toyota Celicas | Fuel Tank Feature 06

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Hirokatsu Hosoi's 1974 Toyota Celica RA25 Kaido Racer and his son Chikanari's Toyota Celica XX Kaido Racer. Subscribe to Fuel Tank TV: We spent some time with Hosoi-san and his son during a recent trip to Japan to explore the car culture for Fuel Magazine. "My name is Hirokatsu Hosoi. I am from Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture. My car is a 1974 Toyota Celica 2000GT liftback. I bought the car stock two years ago. The first car I ever owned was a Celica and I wanted to have one again. I’ve modified it in the Japanese Kaido road-racer style. I like old Japanese car culture. I wanted to drive the old style of vehicles again. I bought this car as it was the same car as my first one. Initially it was made in a silhouette style, now it is changed to works style. The engine is basically standard aside from a Fujitsubo Takoashi exhaust manifold. This look is based on a former replica that existed around 1982 in the Tsuchiura area. The paint colours are copied from that car. The interior is mostly stock, aside from a MOMO Jackie Stewart wheel and re-trimmed seats. Ever since I was small, I used to customise cars and bikes, and I’ve always liked working on the cars. I get inspiration from my childhood memories, when I would look through car magazines, picking out styles that I thought were cool. I take these styles and memories and incorporate them into current trends to customise my cars. The red car is a Celica XX. It has Savanna Works over fenders, a GX 71 chin spoiler, Kako tecchin machined steel wheels 10J and 12J and a Hiro Motors rear wing. These cars were in fashion at the time when I got my driving licence. Now my son just got his licence, so I bought this car for him to drive. The exhaust manifold is a Fujitsubo, it has side pipe mufflers. We are going to restore it nicely from now on, to create an advanced car… a racing car." Subscribe to Fuel Tank TV: Connect with Fuel Tank: Web: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Drivetribe:

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