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1929 Ford Roadster Hot Rod | Fuel Tank Feature

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Subscribe to Fuel Tank TV: Ross Naumov's 1929 Traditional Hot Rod Build. This is a 1929 Ford Model A roadster. Built as a pre-war traditional style car. It runs a stock 8BA, 39 trans and diff, deuce brakes. 16” steelies, original ‘32 grill and dash, the usual Model A upgrades. It’s tired but still boogies along! When and how did you come to own it? I was over in the US for Bonneville 2014 but it was rained out and cancelled. My absolute dream trip and it was cancelled! I was devastated. I was with a mate and he knew someone in LA so we headed there for a few days before heading home and took in some local speed shops: Barris, Hollywood Hot Rods, Old Crow Speed Shop, Petersons etc. While at Old Crow in Burbank there was this Model A looking sad but way cool in the corner. I asked if it was for sale and the dude was like “not really, the owner isn’t here but I can ask”. A few days later a deal was made and I had it here in Australia five months after that. The car was getting built for ‘The Race Of Gentlemen’ (TROG) a month from when I bought it. I do regret not letting him race it, it would have made for some great history on the car. In what condition was it when you bought it? The car was okay. All the good bits were on it and it made for a great start. It looked good, it went well but it needed a lot of refining. A lot of checking, adjusting and playing around. I’ve tried to keep the car looking as it was when I bought it keeping that traditional ‘TROG’ style appeal. What were your intentions back then? Stay stock? Modify? What was your vision? I wanted to keep the car as I found it with only subtle and tasteful changes. I wanted to keep it inline with that pre-war race style with the short windscreen, the steelies and the numbers. It was built for TROG and although it didn’t get there it’s there in spirit. Now list all the modifications that have been done to the following, including any interesting facts and/or stories to go with them: Body It’s a great roadster body. Apart from the small amounts of rust in the sills and previous repairs the body is rust free. It’s sunburnt and how it was found when it was pulled from a paddock so I’m leaving it as is for the moment. Sunburnt and red oxide. I’ve had the body off, fabricating new cross members, I made some floors, a new dash facia from bits of 16mm solid bar and aluminium, wired the car, made the seat suitable and covering it in an old ex-army blanket. I painted the 16” steelies black, lined up the doors so they close properly (and don’t swing open around corners!), got the boot lock working and lined up. I went through and fixed up all those little details that keep me up at night. I pretty much went over the whole car to make sure it was safe and reliable and working the first time every time. Although it doesn’t have a windscreen, I’ve built it to drive - rain, hail or shine, and I do. Other additions are lakes-style headers and the aluminium hood and sides with homemade louvres that I made using the dies from bits of 10mm steel laying around. The press is homemade using a bottle jack to punch the holes. I added the token sign writing on the doors using an old paintbrush and choosing numbers that were forgiving to my lack of sign writing skills. Interior The original ‘32 dash was welded in with a custom aluminium centre facia that I knocked up. The trim around the outside is 16mm solid bar cut down the middle. I seem to do things the hard way. I don’t know where the seat is from but it needed a lot of work to make it fit. I covered it in an old ex-army blanket I found at a disposal store. I love the little cross at the top and the red earthy colours match the body. Engine/gearbox It’s a clapped-out 8BA Flathead that’s seen better days. I look after it and I respect it and it just keeps going. The car is actually pretty fast and pulls hard in all three of the gears so I’m impressed. I don’t ask questions. I’ve replaced all the fuel lines, fuel pump, hoses and plumbing for reliability. Wheels/tyres 16” steelies all round painted black to clean it up a little a contrast to the old body/paint. Suspension Stock but rebuilt deuce brakes, new wheel bearings, new brake lines and a late model diff to help with the gearing. Subscribe to Fuel Tank TV: Connect with Fuel Tank: Web: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Drivetribe:

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