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F-Bomb Camaro Update! - Roadkill Extra Free Episode

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The F-Bomb Camaro is host David Freiburger’s twin-turbo 1973 model that was a Hot Rod magazine project car and that appeared in the Fast & Furious movie. It was only in a few moments of Roadkill—in episode 15 with the Jeep Rod and in the intro of episode 34—yet remains one of the most asked about cars among Roadkill fans. In this Roadkill Extra, Freiburger shows you what’s happening with this iconic car. We’ve provided this free episode on YouTube to give you a taste of Roadkill Extra so you can decide if you'd like to subscribe for more episodes. As you watch, cruise over to, follow us, and watch for future posts asking for your questions to be answered on the Q&A sessions that are posted every Friday on Roadkill Extra Powered by Dodge.

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