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VIDEO: Sounding pretty dang-o good over there

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This week, here at the Muscle Machines newsletter, we’re featuring a smart little ’51 Henry J gasser-style ruler for sale on Sure, there are plently of these cars around nowadays…and dare we say there may even be more than were originally assigned serial numbers by Kaiser-Frazer in its some three years of production, what with the fiberglass body kits that are now available, complete with radiused rear wheelwells and one-piece frontends? But this particular one, with a 318 V8 and matched automatic, makes for a great daily and we love that about it.

But it also got us pining away for a good dose of a nose-up, fenderwell-headered, completely impractical and slightly questionable gas coupe. And where do we go for some of that bad medicine while we’re stuck at home? Why, the intertoobs, of course! So, turn up your volume and enjoy this short, yet welcome, distraction in the middle of your day. Mmm-MMM! That does sound as good as it looks, don’t it just?