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WATCH THIS: rowing a ’66 Fairlane GT…very nice, Alex

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This week, we featured a fairly-bitchin’ 1966 Ford Fairlane GTA in the Muscle Machines newsletter. Which got us to thinking: what other versions of this clean little Sixties midsize were offered for the 1966 model year? And didn’t Ford make a 4-speed version of this thing?

Well, of course Ford did exactly that. And when we found this video of a proud owner rowing his way through the gears on his very original-looking ’66 Fairlane GT, we knew we had to share it. While we’re all home scratching our gearhead itches with gobs of YouTube hours, we figured you’d dig the sounds of that 390 getting worked by the toploader behind it. The sights of a Hawaiian shirt, lion-tamer shorts and a pair of mandals? “Very nice, Alex…”