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A blower and burnouts in the family sedan

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Photo credit: James Banks Photography via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Imagine if the Chevrolet Celebrity was rear-wheel-drive and friendly to small-block swaps. That’s kind of what the Holden Commodore was in the Australian market. While mainstream American cars mostly went front-drive in response to the OPEC embargos and competition from fuel-efficient (and also front-drive) imports, the alternate universe that is Australia kept cars that routed power to the rear wheels. The result, aside from fostering Australia’s general love and celebration all things muscle, is that the old four-door sitting in Granny’s garage isn’t a fuel-sipping malaise-mobile but a platform for all kind of hoonage. Continuing our RIP Holden theme from this week’s video, this week’s photo features a VK-generation Holden Commodore in the middle of a burnout competition.

There’s so much to love in this picture from the general idea of a burnout competition, to the slab-sided eighties styling of the Holden, to the ridiculousness of that giant blower sticking out of the hood. And, yeah, front-wheel-drive might give you a little more trunk space and better traction in the snow, but right now we’re kind of feeling like the Aussies were wise to stick with the more horsepower-friendly powertrain layout.