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Heads up: the art of the dragstrip exhibition

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When we talk about the “glory days” of drag racing, we’re not talking about the cars, alone. Sure, the cars are at the center of our affections, but there was also the dragstrip exhibition scene. Y’know…the jet car, the back-up pickup, the Shriners in wee cars running down the track, the certain girl on the decklid of a certain Oldsmobile hanging onto a certain giant shifter bolted to it…you get the idea. We love that stuff: It was all part of a day at the track and the promoters knew that the pacing of those days were oh-so important.

So, it’s with that in mind that we bring you this bit of celluloid epicness: a heads-up ride down the track on the hood of the “Triple Trouble” wheelstander. Now, what we don’t know about this photo is all the good stuff that led up to making it possible. Who shot this amazing thing? Who’s the girl? Who owns the car? What track is that? And what year? We get the feeling that there may be more than one member of Hemmings Nation out there who has all the answers we need. Let ‘er rip!