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WATCH THIS: A big-n-ugly prepares to get bigger, uglier. And Camaro.

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What’s cool about an ’84 Camaro? Well, what was first the domain of freshly-monied pro-BMX stars and your best friend’s mom’s minor lottery winnings is now vintage and deemed sorta-cool by kids under 30!

State’s Evidence A: the Cleetus McFarland blown and injected “Toast.” You may or may not have been following along with this Cleetus build, so if not; WELCOME. This is the first drive of this big block and it’s rompety-romp-romp insanity that, obviously, won’t fit under the stock hood.

And you know what’s great about all of this? Besides how much we absolutely hate those appropriately-named “big-n-ugly” injectors? The fact that this thing is just pure, unadulterated, style-to-the-wind FUN. Frankly, who cares what this thing looks like when that ground-pounder puts power to the rears? There’s nothing more fun than a smokey burnout: it’s the hot-rodder’s Chicken Soup For The Soul.

So, don’t worry about what this 3rd-gen Camaro looks like. Just enjoy every minute of the boys trying to figure out how to make this thing go, stop, go again and do a gigantic, earth-shattering, pant-worrying burnout. You’re welcome.