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When fast was fashionable…mostly

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Photo: MP Collection

If you’ve been following along for awhile, it won’t come as a surprise that we never miss a chance to share an old snapshot from what we believe to be the greatest era of motorsports Man ever created for himself: the Sixties and the front-engine dragster. Now, normally, we’d also admit that we’re partial to the fashion sense of the pit crews and fans in the stands of most of those old photos we stumble across: after all, nothing says “cool” like a pair of white trousers, skinny black belt, an Isky t-shirt, a pair of black Ray-Bans and a properly-oiled flattop-with-fenders.

So, it’s when we see a vintage snapshot like this that proves worlds can still collide: By the late Sixties, FEDs were still the Top Fueler of choice, albeit longer wheelbases and maybe a slightly better tire, but oof…the bellbottomed Man Of Leisure is a phenomenon that we’d conveniently forgotten about. Anyone know the backstory of what can only imagine is a promotional photo of some sort? Who’s the dapper gentleman? Who’s his companion on the tire? Where was this photo taken? Why do we have the faint scent of Year Of The Panther cologne in our nose?

Enlighten us, Hemmings Nation: only you can right our apple-cart that’s suddenly been upset…