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WATCH THIS: Dragging a Dodge Challenger. Literally.

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Could we talk any more about a barn find? Sure. Don’t think we’ll ever get tired of that. But how ’bout a muddy yard find? Chances are, you’re probably gonna stumble across more of these types of glorious projects than anything else and we can fully dig it.

If you’re a muscle car fan and also a YouTube nerd, you’re probably aware of Dylan McCool. If not, welcome, friend! What we love about Dylan is that he actually does what we long to do. What we aspire to. What we dream about most nights. Actually dragging a hopeless pile home, tearing it apart and putting it back together again and not being afraid of nuthin, son.

So, kick back for awhile, nuke yourself a single-serve popcorn and enjoy. And then go down the rabbit hole that is Dylan McCool’s YouTube channel and get lost for awhile. You could spend your time doing worse things, no doubt…