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Here’s an idea: a rocket on your butt!

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Image from the Turbonique catalog via the Iowahawk blog.

This week, we thought it’d be a good idea to kick off the new year with an old, favorite topic: the Turbonique Drag Axle. If you’ve snooped around the wonder that is the internet, as a self-respecting car nerd in any sort of way, you’ve no doubt stumbled across – and paused on – this most unique and interesting development of the Rocket Age. And, by the late Sixties, it was never even a thought that one of these insane propellants couldn’t be bolted to a VW Beetle, a go-kart, or, apparently, a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500. Just screw hit the big red rocket button and go, man, go! Who knows the details of this crazy contraption, for us to fully geek on 50+ years later? (Hint: the link in the caption is a good place to start looking.)