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VIDEO: the new drag kids and their trucks

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Much as we love talking about the “good ‘ol days” of drag racing and performance, we’d be missing out on a whole new, glorious world if we didn’t invite the kids to the benchracing session. For every one of us who start sentences with “Problem with kids these days…” there’s a kid out there doing some amazingly cool stuff. Believe that.

And it’s with that in mind that we bring you a glimpse of what the under-30 do-it-yourself hotrodder looks like, and what he (and sometimes she) is actually building and driving. What’s that? You don’t think a real hot rod is a late-model S10 pickup truck? Welp, we got sorry news for you, Jack: The kids don’t care what you think – they’re too busy building their cars and having fun doing it. Sound familiar? Yeah, that was you…how many decades ago?

Yep, the kids are taking what’s cheap and available to them, looking around to see what kind of speed parts they can afford (or maybe not afford – also familiar), building their cars, breaking stuff, learning and doing it all over again. And what’s even cooler? They’re using the social media they grew up on to show you how they’re doing it and how awesome their gearhead lives really are.

Stop by an open garage door some late night, take a look at what they’re doing, lend a hand, and we’ll just bet you’ll learn a few things from them… and vice-versa. Like your favorite song told you all those years ago, “Teach…your children well.”